Welcome to Cash For Clothes the Textile Recycling Company.

We buy unwanted clothing, footwear, handbags, bedding, curtains, electricals and bric a brac.

Who are we?

We are cash for clothes the textile recycling company based in South Wales, United Kingdom. We buy and recycle unwanted clothing, footwear, bedding, curtains, electricals, dvds, bric a brac and much more.

Recycling reduces landfill, three-quarters of consumers admit to binning their discarded garments, usually because they do not realise clothes can be recycled or accepted by charities or by our company. If clothes go out with the rubbish, they’ll end up in landfill, which is not good for our environment.

We support charities and schools with their fund raising programs. Our recycled clothing is exported overseas, where it can be reused again.

What we buy


We Buy Clean Clothing


We buy paired footwear

Handbags And Purses

We buy handbags & purses

Bedding, Curtains & Towels

We buy clean bedding, towels etc.


We buy used toys


We buy used electricals

Bric A Brac

We buy household items

Dvds, Viynls & Games

We buy used Dvds, Viynls & Games

Textile Recycling

We buy clean clothing without stains, rips, soiled and undamaged.

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